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Guy’s Hair: The Bieber Cut

February 16, 2011

Okay, it’s time to admit it – we love Justin Bieber. Especially his trademark hairstyle. So maybe he did sound like a girl when he burst onto the music scene, but give the kid a break – there aren’t too many 14-year-olds who would walk up to Usher and ask to sing for him. But that’s exactly what Justin did, and a few years later he was playing sold-out shows at MSG and paying the equivalent of my rent on his haircuts. The “Bieber cut” was created by Justin’s stylist, Vanessa Price. While he’s on tour, she trims it every couple of weeks for a small fee of $750. Basically, he spends about $1,500 a month on his hair:

Usually, we think of hairstyles as a defining characteristic for girls. But for Justin and every other guy celeb, their hairstyle is a major part of their  public image. J. Bieber’s signature haircut is definitely up there with the iconic Beatles cut, the Elvis pompadour, and Will Smith’s Fresh Prince flat- top:

Most guys are a lot less particular about their hairstyle. At Lasio Studios, most of our male clients tend to trust their stylist completely. “Usually, the guys just sit in the chair and tell the stylist to just go with whatever they think will work best,” said Milagros, receptionist at the salon.

So, guys – if you’re looking for a different ‘do, call Lasio Studios at (212) 477-2088. Megan and Mandeep are experts at men’s cuts!

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