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Beauty School: Applying the Keratin Tropic

February 11, 2011

Keratin treatments are truly a revolution in hair care. Keratin, a natural protein that’s also found in our skin and nails, has the ability to give us the gorgeous, healthy, shiny hair that nature couldn’t. With Lasio’s treatments, you’ll be able to style your hair in half the time, blow-dry it to perfection within minutes and easily create any style you want.

Here at Lasio, we’re serious about making sure our clients get the absolute best results possible from their keratin treatment – that means we’re serious about educating every stylist who uses our products. There’s a very specific application process for the treatments, and any stylist performing the Lasio treatments must be completely sure of the process before they begin. Our YouTube channel is a great way to get schooled on the application process of every keratin treatment Lasio offers. Stylists, these instructional videos are a must-see if you’re new at the whole keratin thing!

Lasio’s formaldehyde-free formula, Keratin Tropic, has received a ton of media attention since our Today Show appearance. You can get all the information you need in our Keratin Tropic FAQ, but for a real inside look, watch the Keratin Tropic Application video!


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