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FAQ: Lasio Keratin Tropic

February 3, 2011

Our appearance on yesterday’s Today Show turned a lot of heads– and with good reason. The Lasio Keratin Tropic treatment is set to take the beauty world by storm, and not just because it furnishes flawless results.

Our parent company, Lasio Inc., has worked for years to introduce a truly formaldehyde-free product to the keratin treatment market. It wasn’t easy, but we can say openly and honestly that the Keratin Tropic treatment contains zero formaldehyde. Not even in trace amounts. And we’ve got the lab results to prove it.

The question we hear most often is, “If it doesn’t have formaldehyde, how does it work?” There are many, many preservatives without Aldehydes in the beauty industry. Methelyne Glycol, Formaldehyde, and other Aldehydes are the easy answer to a manufacturer. It makes the product last 4-6 months– keratin treatment companies know that and use it to their advantage. But it isn’t the only way. Our ingredients are listed on the back of every bottle, and our MSDS reflects each and every ingredient we put into our products.

Because we use gentle preservatives, the Keratin Tropic will last 2-3 months instead of 4-6 months. The amount of curl or wave it removes depends on the strength of your natural curl or wave pattern. We can honestly say that it removes 100% of the frizz, like our other keratin treatments. This is a great alternative for anyone who wants to keep some body in their hair and avoid Formaldehyde fumes. Like our other treatments, Keratin Tropic is heat-activated– so even if your hair isn’t pin straight when it air-dries, all it takes is a quick once over with a blowdryer to achieve sleek, shiny locks.

Another advantage? There’s no processing time! The process takes 1.5-2 hours, and you can wash your hair immediately after you leave the salon chair if you choose. This means no more waiting 24-96 hours before washing your hair. Yoga, rain, and seaside air won’t have a shot of ruining your new investment.

The Keratin Tropic treatment is for sale to licensed cosmetologists only. If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing the Keratin Tropic treatment, call our US distribution office at 718-361-0072.

If you’re a woman who wants to shave ten years off of her face with a hot new ‘do and you’re in the New York City area, we’d love to see you at Lasio Studios, our boutique East Village salon. The Keratin Tropic treatment is yours for a flat-rate of $250 and includes a complimentary trim.

And now… back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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  1. June 29, 2011 6:14 am

    I bought this product at Hair expo, was very wary, as we have tried a number of new products on the market since the original keratin treatments were recalled..
    I did the treatment on a staff member, and we were surprised at the condition, and smoothness of the hair. I then had my staff member perform the treatment on myself, and I love it. It eliminated the frizz, and now I can let my hair dry naturally!, or add head, and a super fast iron, for straight hair. I am also impressed that it did not remove the volume i am able to get in my hair. But mostly, Love the fact that this can be done within 1 hour.
    Thank you


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