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Lasio Inc: Safety 1st

January 31, 2011

The cosmetics industry has suffered some major criticism lately. Salon clients are beginning to avoid many chemical hair services, particularly straightening and keratin treatments, because of the Brazilian Blowout crisis. The fear of formaldehyde’s dangerous effects and the media attacks have been enough to keep a lot of customers away from ALL keratin treatments – that’s why Lasio’s main focus in creating and applying our keratin treatments is safety. With Lasio, you can rest assured that you’ll be fully and completely educated about all things keratin before it goes in your hair. Here are a few things to consider before your keratin treatment.

Request a strand test. Lasio’s keratin treatments are safe, gentle conditioners, and allergic reactions are rare. However, people with very sensitive skin, certain allergies or a strong sensitivity to formaldehyde may suffer a reaction to the products. Here’s an easy solution – insist on a strand test. Have your stylist apply just a small amount of the product to a piece of hair that’s hidden away, just to make sure you aren’t sensitive to the product.

Is the salon is properly ventilated? Lasio recommends a proper ventilation system while performing any chemical service. Good ventilation protects everyone in the salon – especially the stylists, who perform these treatments every day – from potentially dangerous fumes, unpleasant odors and irritating pollutants.

Is your stylist certified to perform Lasio treatments? For optimal results, you should make completely sure that your stylist is fully educated on how to apply all of Lasio’s keratin treatments. There is a very specific process of application – check out our YouTube channel for some great instructional videos.

Which formula is right for my hair? Keratin treatments are fantastic for all hair types – keratin promotes growth, heath, shine and manageability. Everyone wants that, right?! However, you should consider what kind of result you would like to achieve from your keratin treatment. Do you want pin-straight locks, or frizz-free hair with body and waves? Your stylist can help you choose the best Lasio treatment that fits best with your hair type, lifestyle and budget!


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