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LaCrasia NYC: Grand Central’s Gem

January 26, 2011

Okay, so my bangs aren’t looking so hot lately – I’ve been on the hunt for any fabulous hair accessories I can find. Thankfully, cool clips and pins are totally in right now. They’re perfect for disguising unfortunate-looking bangs, and they’re especially perfect for dressing up simple chignons and ponytails. For example:

So, you can imagine how completely thrilled I was this morning when I stumbled upon one of NYC’s hidden gems – LaCrasia. This mini boutique is tucked away in the Lexington Passage of Grand Central Station. LaCrasia is totally tiny, but it’s jam-packed with the most exquisite accessories I have ever seen. Their scarves, handbags and jewelry are all designed with luxurious fabrics and stunning gems.

Of course I went straight for the hair accessories – an incredible collection of diamond pins, beaded flower clips, and every headband under the sun. This was the toughest decision ever, but I finally settled on a simple silver clip that’ll add instant elegance to any messy ‘do:

Oh, by the way – LaCrasia’s past clientele includes Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Whitney Houston and Prince! The boutique also designs the gloves for just about every Broadway show in NYC. They have a great website with all sorts of awesome gloves: If you don’t go check out this shop immediately, you’re crazy!

See more info about LaCrasia here:


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