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Natalie & Mila: Prima Ballerinas

December 9, 2010

Natalie Portman played Anne Frank on Broadway as a kid, Queen Amidala at age eighteen… and then decided to go for a Harvard degree in psychology. There’s not a thing this girl can’t do – she’s also a great dancer, which helped her win her latest role in the highly anticipated movie, “Black Swan.” Natalie is a ballerina, a native New Yorker, a dog rescuer…. and she has fabulous hair. Well, usually. She’s been known to rock some weird and wacky ‘dos, including a mohawk and a bald head:

But, Natalie’s good hair days are great ones. She has those gorgeous waves, the cute curly bob and perfect bangs. For the “Black Swan” premiere, she wore this great slightly messy, ballerina-inspired low bun (end photo):

Mila Kunis co-stars with Natalie in her new movie. Mila plays hippie-haired hottie Jackie on That 70’s Show, and she’s the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. Mila’s dance training isn’t quite up to par with Natalie, but her hair is just as fantastic. She’s been going with ballerina-inspired styles lately, too, though I’ll always love her long locks:

I am, of course, coming from a biased opinion since I’m a ballet dancer myself – but “Black Swan” seems like a pretty awesome movie. If you know anything about Swan Lake, you know that the roles of the Black Swan and White Swan represent opposing forces of good and evil. Natalie plays the prima ballerina, the White Swan. Mila plays her rival, the Black Swan. The two dancers develop a sort of twisted friendship, and I’m not sure what happens next, but I can’t wait to see. Ballerina rivalry, twisted friendship, and the darker side of dance? Count me in.

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