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Hairstyle Trend-Setters: Ke$ha

November 30, 2010

Okay, so Ke$ha (yes, with a dollar sign) is certainly not the classiest chick in Hollywood, but her colorful, funky style is just so much fun! She wears a lot of different looks, but every single one is totally Ke$ha – she’s 100% unique. She’s done everything with her hair from funky braids, to grungy waves, to neon locks in crazy colors. Here are some of Ke$ha’s hairstyle hits and miserable misses of 2010!


Ke$ha rocks some of the best beachy waves around. The wavy look is, of course, a perfect low-maintenance ‘do for her party girl lifestyle. Ke$ha wears the wavy look in a bunch of different styles – messy and wild, cute and chic, boho braids. Which is your favorite?


One of Ke$ha’s trademark looks is, of course, grunge. She loves funky jewelry and cut off-shirts. She rocks dark roots in her messy locks. She even wore a garbage-bag dress to this year’s VMAs! Check out some of Ke$ha’s grungy styles, especially the garbage-bag dress (and Snooki Poof). I wouldn’t wear a garbage bag, personally – but I do love her bright red lip color (far right):


I’m a huge fan of the fabulous and colorful Miss Katy Perry, who happens to be one of Ke$ha’s BFF’s. They have a great song together called “True Love.” Anyway, we all know Katy loves neon hair, but Ke$ha brings the color to a totally new level. She colors her lids, lips, and locks with the most outrageous colors possible!


One of Ke$ha’s most, uh, creative looks this year was the infamous mohawk. Okay, so it wasn’t her best hairstyle choice. This ‘do is even higher than the Snooki Poof! Do you give Ke$ha props for trying something crazy, or is it just ridiculous? I do love the sparkly dress, jewelry and makeup she paired with the funky ‘hawk…


Ke$ha straightened things out for her “Take It Off” video shoot – well, at least in terms of hair. Maybe she’s been using some keratin products to get this smooth, sleek look! Ke$ha’s recently straight tresses are totally chic and classy, but she mixes up the look with some neon, of course… and a motorcycle. Love it, Ke$ha! This girl is a true trend-setter.

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  1. Thaye permalink
    December 1, 2010 11:15 am

    She does have awesome hair to work with, that’s for sure. It looks good, almost regardless of what she does to it.

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