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The Worst-Tressed List: Hollywood’s Worst Hair

November 15, 2010

There are hundreds of celebrities with gorgeous, perfect hair that we all try to copy on ourselves. But who could forget about Hollywood’s hot messes? Here’s a few of the worst hairstyles to hit the red carpet this year.

Melanie Brown

All the former Spice Girls had pretty scary hair – it was the ’90s, after all. Most of them have updated their ‘dos these days, like Victoria Beckham. As for Scary Spice, well… her hair is still absolutely terrifying. Who told Mel B. a half-shaved head was okay?

Helena Bonham Carter

In the 18th-century, women went weeks between styling. Their hair products of choice, powder and horsehair, made the perfect nesting area for bugs. They didn’t mind, though – trend-setters of the time even made little gardens on top of their heads. Helena Bonham Carter seems to love this look:

Could someone please alert this woman that it’s now 2010?

Kristen Stewart

Okay, so it’s pretty bad-ass that K-Stew gets to play Joan Jett in her new movie. However, the mullet totally sucks. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get too into character for this one – I’m a big fan of her usual laid-back, wavy style.


Snooki has copyrighted the Poof, and it’s made this guidette rich and famous. Unfortunately, it’s not the greatest thing in the world to be known for your hairstyle when it looks like this 24/7:


It’s easy enough to automatically name Snooki as the worst-tressed member of the infamous Jersey Shore crew, but let’s not forget about her BFF “J-Woww.” Two-tone hair color works great when it’s done right – unfortunately for J-Woww, greasy black extensions with platinum highlights never work.

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