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Throwback Tresses: Swingin’ 70s

October 29, 2010

Jackie Kennedy’s timeless style was iconic of the 1960s. As the decades changed, though, so did the trends – drastically. Girls were fed up with stiff bouffants and complicated curls, so they made some serious changes.

Both style and society went through a major renaissance in the 1970s. No more plaits and plaid – the ’70s look is all about long, loose locks and flowers in your hair. Hippies kept the braids, but wore them loosely woven into their long hair instead of in neat pigtails. We can thank the ’70s for the flat-iron, too – sort of. Back then, the only straightening tool around was a real clothing iron – yikes!

The feathered look was huge in the ’70s too, thanks to one of Charlie’s original Angels – Farrah Fawcett. Her shaggy, long-layered ‘do and sex-kitten  charm made her into one of the greatest style icons of all time. The Victoria’s Secret runway models (today’s most famous Angels) all rock Farrah-inspired hair with their voluminous, loose and layered styles.

Despite the war, political controversy and general chaos, the ’70s created an iconic look that’s still totally chic today. Try a long, straight, middle-parted ‘do, some loose braids, and a flower accessory for a look that’s totally peace and love.

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