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Hollywood’s Hairstyle Chameleons

October 15, 2010

For these Hollywood divas, going from casual brunette to neon pink is as common as changing clothes. Stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry switch colors, cuts and styles so often we can’t keep up, but these ladies didn’t reach hair-icon status by playing it safe. If you’re bored with the same old ‘do, read on for inspiration.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s fun personality and catchy radio tunes – not to mention her fabulous hairdos – have quickly made her one of this year’s most popular artists. Katy tends to stick with dark hues (minus that wild electric blue wig from the MTV awards), but she wears her brunette locks in every style from retro to romantic to flapper. Which is your favorite?







Rihanna is truly the queen of radical hair. She’s gone from platinum to neon and back in about a week, but she’s gorgeous in her natural dark brown locks, too. I’m loving that  funky two-toned bob. It’s true Rihanna style – cutting-edge with a touch of class.






Rachel McAdams 

Rachel McAdams has emerged as one of the most versatile stars in Hollywood. She’s charmed us with tons of different roles – along with a different hair color for each character. In The Notebook, her gorgeous red locks earned her the admiration of two gorgeous bachelors. In Mean Girls, her character’s blonde hair was insured for $10,000. Do you like Rachel in red, blonde, neon or dark?

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