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Fall Color for Blondes: Grunge-meets-Glamour

October 12, 2010

Blondes, bring your color back this Fall with a low-maintenence look that’s a little bit “grunge-meets-glamour.”  This trend is perfect for dirty blondes – with more lowlights around the edges than the roots, it’s easy to maintain but adds lots of dimension.

Summer tends to make strands a little too dry and beachy, so go for a darker blonde this season. Kate Hudson’s relaxed updo accentuates her gorgeous color perfectly. “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere shows off her dark lowlights, loose curls and perfect red-carpet style. And Kristen Bell’s warm blonde hue is sure to come in handy while she shoots  in Alaska this winter with Drew Barrymore, who’s been a blonde bombshell for decades!

Drew’s recent retro blonde style with darker roots is light, but low-key for this fall.

To get the grunge-glam look, pro colorists recommend painting color onto the hair instead of using foil. Another option is to have your stylist comb your strands back, then color hair in small sections around the edges. This gives us blondes a great look for fall – just a hint of color without too much hassle.


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