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This Just In: Fall Hair Trends

September 17, 2010

Your wardrobe isn’t the only image upgrade you should make this season. Check out these simple ways to pull together an awesome autumn look.

Side Everything: A deep side part is the way to go. Side-parted hair is very face-flattering – it’s all over the runways this fall in the form of ponytails, braids, even pigtails. I love the bright red GaGa lips on the model here, too:

Braids: More braids! lists it as one of the top hair trends of 2010. They show a lot more of this headband braid style, slicking a few thin braids across the forehead. They even show the fishtail braid, a style I remember well from about ten years ago – I’m psyched it’s on the runway. Here it is at a Rachel Roy show:

The fishtail takes awhile to do but it looks great. Make a ponytail and split it into two pieces. Then take a thin strand from one side and cross it over to the other, and vice versa. Repeat this for the length of the ponytail and secure the bottom. This braid is stunning – totally worth the hand cramps.

Smooth and Straight: Waves were in this summer, but it’s all about straight hair for the fall. With much better hair weather coming our way, it’s a lot easier to keep this style looking great. Call Lasio Studios today at (212) 477-2088 to inquire about our keratin treatments.

Beyonce always looks amazing, but her hair looks even more fantastic smooth and straight.

Sleek Buns: I love Kim Kardashian’s ballerina-esque, slicked back bun. Use smoothing balm through wet hair to smooth it down, then secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck or towards the top of your head for a more dramatic high bun. Twist it around or keep it loose and secure with pins or an elastic. It’s so simple, and a great everyday look.

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