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Let Go and Let GaGa!

September 14, 2010

Not just anyone can pull off Lady GaGa’s insane hairstyles – the feathery faux-hawk from Sunday’s VMAs might be a little much for your early morning commute. Even so, all of us can take some creative tips from GaGa.  Whether it’s a splash of color in just the right place or an accessory made from your own strands, there are lots of artistic ways to spice up a bland head of hair.

The Braids

They usually go with Birkenstocks or plaid skirts, but Lady GaGa has glamorized the braid:

The sky-high braided bun might be a stretch for most of us – the tousled headband style is a more subdued way to wear a chic braid. Make a braid over the top or towards the back of your head for an everyday look.

The Bow

Lady GaGa’s bow looks impossible to recreate, but it’s actually easier than it appears – I did it on my own hair in about two minutes.

To make a Gaga bow, put your hair into a high ponytail, then secure another elastic about halfway down. Pull the middle up near the top of your head and pin it just under the first elastic, then wrap the remaining strands around the center of the bow. Voila! A perfect GaGa bow. For a less extreme version, try it with half your hair down.

The Neon Streaks

I’m so in love with GaGa’s pastel pink and lavender curls, I might actually try them myself.  Part of Lady GaGa’s persona is to try anything, so with a little temporary product, why not? To start, try a light color on a few strands underneath your hair, so they show just under the bottom instead of your whole head.

The Accessories

 Lady GaGa accessorizes her locks with soda cans, telephones and feathers. Whether it’s a spiky up-do or a hat made entirely of your own hair, GaGa’s insane hair accessories remind us to always have fun with our own style choices. Don’t be afraid to try something creative and new!

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