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Stylist Bio Series: Mahesha

July 15, 2010

Mahesha stands in front of the Lasio Studio office

Mahesha comes to us from Virginia, but has been living in the Big Apple since 2005. She’s been with Lasio for over two years. Her steady flow of enthused clients keeps her in demand, so scoring a keratin treatment from this Lasio veteran requires booking ahead and in some cases, keeping your fingers crossed for a cancellation. When she’s not performing keratin treatments, she’s using her expertise to apply extensions and relaxers. You may even find her creating custom wigs from scratch on occasion.

Mahesha maintains a strong eye for detail and a knack for precision—she won’t stand for a client leaving the salon with one hair out of place. During her tenure at Lasio Studios, Mahesha has been scouted out by various designers and entertainers. Some of her past experiences include styling models for Fall 2009 Fashion Week and Audacious Apparel; as well as styling for a variety of reggae artists like Aurela Gacé Origjinale, Cocoa Sarai, Tonya Stephans, Barbee, and Allison Hinds.

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