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Fight the humid summer sweats with these five tricks:

July 7, 2010

Thinking of throwing yourself into an ice cold shower for the rest of the day? Yea, you are not alone on that one, honey. Toiling away in this horrendous heat makes trivial daily tasks seem torturous, so here’s a few pointers you should know about.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have access to a stout bucket big enough to dip your feet in… grab some ice cubes, water and dunk away. This should cool down your body temp for a bit after a few minutes of stomping.
  • Give your hair a break, because this is part of your body that keeps the most heat- so it’s obvious that any blow-drying would be counterproductive in this weather. Save yourself the pain of walking out of the house/apartment and sweating out your freshly blown locks.
  • Drink cold water, and lots of it. This seems like something everyone thinks of, but- unfortunately many recent reports of heat exhaustion reveal neglecting the body of very necessary H2O.
  • Chill your bedding when you’re ready to hit the hay, just store your sheets and pillowcases in freezer bags so they don’t adopt any smells or get any moisture.
  • Find out where to cool down – ask local officials about cooling centers in your area. If there are none, identify air-conditioned buildings where you can go (such as libraries, malls, supermarkets, or friends’ homes).

Hope this helps!!

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