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Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Let’s Keep the “Formaldehyde Free” Conversation Going

June 30, 2010

Here at Lasio we would like to continue informing, and conversing with our clients, fellow hair-stylists and salons about the blurry understanding of “formaldehyde free” Brazilian Keratin treatments.

There is almost always a significant trace of this ingredient in BKT if the product promises results of silky smooth hair for greater than even a week. The ingredient is activated when the stylist blows out the hair and uses a flat iron to achieve the shiny texture appearance, and so if a product is promising zero traces of Formaldehyde (or any -aldehyde) than it won’t stay in your hair for much longer than the next wash. Lasio’s brand of BKT contains .02 percent of Methylene Glycol, and most usually will contain between .02 and .04 percent in their keratin products. It is used as a preservative, which explains why the end treatment result is able to stay processed in certain hair types for a good 2-4 months. It is usually insisted that the stylist and client wear protective facemasks when applying this treatment for minimal exposure. It has been reported that a specific percentage of this ingredient is safe to use in products that are in direct contact with the skin.

Read this for more info about the different forms of Formaldehyde.

On a quick informational note, a brief mention of the presence of Formaldehyde ingredients in many products OTHER than this specific hair treatment: If one is truly concerned about exposure to this potentially harmful ingredient it is vital to know that forms of Formaldehyde are included in many household cleaning products, as well as cosmetics including nail polish, lipstick and certain hair treatments (which is what this post is mainly focused on).

Here is a helpful link that will assist in the understanding of the common presence of Formaldehyde in many products consumers use on a daily basis.

Thanks for checking out the post and Happy Hump Day!!!

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